• The Moorfields Dry Eye Course 2018

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    In June 2018, our optometrists Rebecca and Jennifer undertook a Dry Eye course at the Moorfields Eye Hospital.

    Dry eyes are something anyone can experience from time to time, but for a lot of people this multi-factorial disease can be a chronic problem, affecting their day-to-day lives. So when this course became available our optometrists jumped at the chance to learn more about the newest treatments available and best ways to manage their patient’s care.

    Rebecca (left) and Jennifer at the Moorfields Eye Hospital.

    Jennifer willingly (!) trying out lid syringing – just one of the treatments our optoms learned about.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with dry eyes, it is a disease that requires regular care. At Pendleburys we have Dry Eye clinics aimed to manage the condition, but it is also important to maintain proper care at home.

    Make sure you are using preservative free drops or gels, and avoid alcohol based solutions or sprays. We prefer Thealoz DUO which came out well in reports and receives good reviews from our patients. Hycosan Night Gel is also great for overnight treatment.

    Many drops or gels can be used with contact lenses, please contact the practice to find out which would be best for you.

    Please visit our Dry Eye Clinics page for more information about how Pendleburys can help you manage this condition, and there is more information available here.


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