Emergency / Problem Appointments or Early NHS Recall

From time to time, some patients feel they need to attend for an extra appointment. This may be due to a contact lens problem*, the sudden onset of ocular symptoms, or a minor difficulty such as an ingrown eyelash removal. We are always happy to assist and appointment fees vary depending on complexity of issue and appointment duration. Many such issues would not be covered by the NHS and so private fees may apply to NHS patients also.

*Contact lens patients who are part of an ongoing Direct debit care scheme, would be covered for contact lens problem appointments under their scheme- no additional fees would be chargeable, unless OCT scan or Retinal Photograph is recommended.

Q: I am entitled to a regular NHS sight test and am not quite due for my next appointment; can I come in sooner if I feel I have a problem with my eyes?

A: We are more than happy to see any of our patients NHS or private, sooner than routine recall date, if you feel you have a problem and wish to come in. However for NHS patients there are restrictions as to what the NHS deem an acceptable cause for having an NHS test early. Further to this it is most likely that we will not be able to confirm 100% until after the examination, as to whether we are able to submit an NHS form for you.

This means NHS patients who wish to come in sooner, need to be aware that a fee of £39.00 for the early eye examination may be payable if your optometrist cannot clinically justify an early recall NHS sight test.

Further Information

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