Private Appointment Fees

Private eye examination
Visual fields test included when deemed necessary by the optometrist.

Polite notice : 24 hours notice of cancellation required

Non attendance
OCT Scan (Optical Coherence Tomography Scan)
OCT is a new imaging technique that provides unprecedented high resolution and cross-sectional images of the eye. Similar to MRI scan
Retinal photographs£15.00
Pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement) £5.00
Useful test to aid determining whether the angle where the iris meets the cornea is open and wide or narrow and closed as part of a Glaucoma assessment.
Additional visual fields testing
When requested by private consultant
Contact lens prelim appts / Contact lens fitting - New Patients
Eye examination combined with contact lens fitting

Contact lens fitting using patients own prescription
Prescription not more than three months old

(in either case, one follow up appt at no extra charge if deemed necessary by optometrist)

Gas Permeable Multi-focal lenses
These lenses require considerable additional work and quite often many adjustments are needed before the final complex lens is suitable. Full details will be discussed


Additional fee
Contact lens After- Care appointment
But-For patients buying contact lenses here too
Contact lens After-Care combined with eye examination
But- for patients buying lenses here also
Contact lens refit appointment
Refit inclusive of short follow up appt (special price)
Problem appointments – charged according to complexity and duration£12.50 - £53.00
Additional copies of prescription£3.50
Trial Contact Lenses

Admin fees associated with order and supply of trial and diagnostic contact lenses
(not always applicable)

£6.00 - £24.00
Non cancellation fee applicable for missed appts
24 hours notice of cancellation required
£15.00 - £25.00
Dependent on duration of lost appt time