Here at Pendleburys Opticians we are always looking for the best ways to take care of our patients, which is why we have invested in Optomap, the very latest in retinal imaging technology. There are currently a limited amount of these instruments in use in the UK, and we have the ‘upgraded’ California Optomap, of which there are even fewer.



You may have had a retinal photograph taken before, but this new technology is so much more than that. Traditional cameras provide a 45-60 degree view of your retina, but Optomap cameras give optometrists a wide 200 degree view – no other camera can provide this. By using this comprehensive imaging, we can obtain a clear and detailed view of 80% of your retina in a single image, allowing us to view areas of the retina we’ve never been able to see before to aid in enhanced monitoring. As such, we can pick up changes earlier, before they become an issue and before they start to affect the vision.


The screening takes 5-10 minutes to complete, and will be available instantly to your optometrist during your normal eye exam. It is completely stress free and non-invasive, with no drops required, and anyone can have this done, including children. It was in fact developed after the company creator’s son sadly lost vision in one of his eyes following an undiagnosed retinal detachment – his father then set out to create technology that would be able to capture this information safely and easily, even for children.

Optomap will assist your optometrist in screening your eyes for; Age Related Macula Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Melanoma and hypertension. Before now, your optometrist could only see your retina using a slit lamp, with a narrow view. Now they will be able to see the ultra-wide image before you even sit in the chair.


Diabetic retinopathy as seen through the optomap.


A retinal detachment as viewed through the Optomap.

We recommend that everyone has Optomap imaging completed at every eye exam; not only will it give your optometrist a clear view of your retina presently but from then on at every test they can make comparisons to previous images and monitor any changes. You can have an Optomap examination done even if you have cataracts, small pupils or struggle with bright lights.

Optomap is available for those entitled to an NHS sight test for just £20, or can be combined with our 3D OCT scan for £59.

Our Gold Private Eye Exam gives you a full sight test with one of our highly trained optometrists, as well as the benefits of having Optomap screening previous to the exam, for just £59.

Children can have Optomap Imaging for just £15.

Take a look at our blog post here to see how Optomap picked up a previously unseen retinal hole for one of our own optometrists!

For more details about this exciting new technology or to book your appointment, please call reception on 01622 758 566 or visit us in practice.