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Quality of vision comes with the correct prescription and the right lenses

Expert advice will make all the difference!

image2Single Vision *Progressive/Varifocals* Bifocals/Trifocals* Transitions* High Index/thinner/flatter

Tailor Made design* Vocational/Computer* Anti-Reflection* Hard coated*

Selecting a frame is only 50% of your new glasses.

Choosing your spectacle lenses is every bit as important and deserves the same level of consideration.

LensesFor those of us with very low prescriptions this can be the easy bit but for patients with more complex prescriptions or in need of varifocal/bifocal lenses, there are now many options available with ever advancing technology.

Our Spectacle Dispensing Team are here to assist; with many years of experience, offering friendly professional advice and providing comprehensive information to our patients, enabling them to make an informed choice with regards to their eyewear. All of our patients are offered one to one time with one of our Dispensers to discuss their needs and differences in design of the various lenses available. There have been so many advancements in spectacle lens technology in recent years which is on- going, it’s well worth the time and we assure you of our best attention.

 At Pendleburys we will always do our best to offer the most comfortable and pleasing spectacles.

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