The Comfort, Design, Quality & Durability of your Spectacles

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The comfort of your glasses is governed in the main by:

  • The size and measurements of the selected frame
  • The final fitting of the frame
  • The quality of frame manufacture
  • The weight/design of the spectacle lenses (click here for spectacle lens pages)
  • Longer term- how well they are looked after. (we are happy to adjust and repair frame, please ask for advice)

The design, quality and durability

  • Like all manufactured products, spectacle frames vary in quality, price and therefore durability. We happily offer a comprehensive price range of frames from budget to designer styles; but the price differences are indicative of the variation on engineering quality of the products.
  • At Pendleburys we will only sell products where the quality matches the price tag. Whilst we do stock many designer brands, they have all been carefully selected for their quality and not just a brand name.
  • Our budget range of frames have also been selected because they represent good value for money for the quality that they are; so even our least expensive frames are selected and kept in stock based on their durability in relation to the price.

Know the quality differences

With spectacle frame production, many different materials can be used and the quality of the component parts varies greatly, this can have a direct bearing on how well the frame will last. For example how strong the joints are on the sides, or how durable the spring, how well the colour plating lasts on a metal frame, even the quality of thread in screws used can vary and contribute to the overall finished product’s longevity. Of course how we treat our spectacles will also have an impact on how well they last too, so consider how you intend to use or abuse your spectacles, how much time they are in your case or on your nose etc, these things too are also worthy of a thought , when choosing eyewear.

The design of the frame is not just a fashion statement but a good frame should have engineering input also. It is very rare to find a patient with a symmetrical and standard sized head, we are all individuals and so there is always an element of final adjustment needed when spectacles are collected. To this end, as opticians we are looking for frames that we can make small technical fit adjustments to, good materials will allow for some manipulation and changes to fit angles at various points. Frame style is for many of us of paramount importance, after all we wear our spectacles every day and they are a part of us, but if you combine great styling with an excellent fit, quality lenses, good overall durability – your spectacles will look, feel and function better.

 The right advice will make all the difference!

For information on spectacle lenses Click here