Reglazes: Using your existing frame

If we are changing the lenses in your own frame, we will (in most cases) ask the laboratory to prepare the lenses as far as they can, before we borrow your spectacles from you. In this way we can ensure you are without your spectacles for the shortest period of time. We call this  service ‘Prepare and Advise’.

  • You will receive either a phone call or text message to say the lenses are ready for your frame, asking you to bring it in to us.
  • Usually if we receive your frame by 10.30am your spectacles will be back with us the following afternoon (except Sundays)
  • This by return service is NOT guaranteed as we have to accept that deliveries by road can sometimes be delayed due to traffic and also occasionally lenses can break on the machine, causing an unfortunate delay. If there is a manufacturing problem during this process, your old lenses would be reinstated and your spectacles returned to you, whilst another lens is ordered.
  • At Pendleburys we do not charge you extra for using your own frame, we do advise this is done at your own risk and you will be asked to sign a small disclaimer, saying you understand this to be the case. If the frame has too many obvious signs of extreme wear and deterioration or any cracks in it, we will advise against this and in some cases we will not accept the frame for reglaze. In the vast majority of cases we are happy to change the lenses for you, at your own risk.