Retinal Photography

Retinal photography £15.00A special camera is used to take photos of the back of the eye. Photographing the retina allows the optometrist to see the retina in detail. Small abnormalities can be detected which can lead to early diagnosis of eye diseases. General health issues may also be detected such as Diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, even brain tumours in rare cases.Atlas cystoid macular oedema

It is also a useful way of documenting the appearance of existing eye conditions at the time of a consultation and keeping a permanent record. It is an effective method of monitoring any changes in the condition at future follow-up visits.

What is the difference between an OCT Scan and a Retinal Photograph?

An OCT scan is more like a CAT or MRI scan, it is three dimensional cross-sectional imaging of the retina. It separates out the different layers of the retina and images them on a micro level producing great detail. It is able to view living tissue at a depth not accessible before. As a diagnostic tool for retinal problems it is of great benefit. Retinal photography is also very useful and is a two dimensional digital photograph, imaging only the surface of the retina.