Platinum Scheme

Starts from £24.00 per month

The Platinum Scheme includes :

  • All routine contact lens appointments, plus any additional appointments relating to contact lens wear, deemed necessary by patient or optometrist.
  • Annual full eye examination (sight test)
  • One annual OCT scan (Click here for more details)
  • Regular contact lens
  • Regular cleaning solution supplies (n/a with one-day disposable lenses)
  • All admin costs associated with the use and supply of diagnostic/trial contact lenses
  • Occasional additional lenses if needed through loss or damage*
  • 15% discount off spectacle purchases for the patient**
  • 10% discount off spectacle purchases for immediate family**
  • 10% off non prescription sunglasses for patient and immediate family**

*If a patient has frequent problems with damage to or tearing of lenses, it may be that a consultation with the optometrist is necessary in case there is an underlying cause, it may be that suggesting an alternative lens may be more appropriate.

We reserve the right to refuse additional free lenses if we assess that in our professional opinion a patient is requiring more additional lenses than should be necessary

** Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion/offer