Contact Lens Prelim / Fitting

This is the ideal appointment to take if you are interested in wearing contact lenses. This appointment will combine your routine eye examination, further investigation and measurements with a view to potential contact lens wear.

Your consultation includes:

  • Routine Comprehensive Eye examination (sight test)
  • Further measurements and investigation with a view to contact lens fitting
  • Detailed information and advice as to suitability, recommended choices should you choose to proceed.
  • Eyelid and corneal health assessment.
  • Contact lens fitting (if you choose to go ahead) and supply of diagnostic trial lenses (not always available on the same day- dependent on complexity of lens needed)
  • Instructions in handling, insertion and removal and cleaning of contact lenses if trial lenses are issued and you are new to contact lens wear (with our clinical assistant )

Therefore you may need to allow 50 mins – 1.5 hours duration time- depending on the outcome of the Prelim appointment. It is also likely that a follow up appointment will be needed two weeks after the initial trial at no extra charge.

 Cost £69.00*

*Fees for the fitting of Gas Permeable Multifocal lenses differ from the above, please see Private Fees list for detail

Patients with NHS sight test entitlement may pay a top up fee for the contact lens side of the prelim appointment.

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