Contact Lens After – Care Appointment

At this appointment the health and vision with contact lens wear is checked.

  • We will ask you how you feel you are getting on with your contact lenses, we will ask about your wearing schedule, lifestyle, contact lens cleaning regime and if there are any particular issues with your contact lenses that you wish to discuss
  • We will check that the contact lenses you are wearing are giving you the best vision you can expect and check the condition of the current pair of lenses in use.
  • We will check your eyelids and that the surface of your cornea is healthy with the use of contact lenses
  • We will discuss with you any changes needed or products which may be of benefit to you and answer any questions you may have
  • You will be advised as to how you should continue and tell you when we need to see you for your next appointment.

Patients are asked to always bring a contact lens case to the appointment, as for part of the appointment we will be inspecting your eyes without the contact lenses in. We may also need to use a dye in the eye to aid our examination which washes away very quickly.

Cost : £35.00 (included in scheme for DD patients)
Fee reduced to £32.00 for patients also buying their contact lenses from Pendleburys